Writing Through
By Kerry Follow | Public

At Writing Through, we save minds, one poem, one story at a time.

We know that creative language training and exposure to the arts creates new perspectives and opens minds. Opened minds lead to self-esteem. The combination of conceptual thinking, language skills and self-esteem are some key antidotes to poverty and corruption.

Writing through uses a unique pedagogy focusing on creative writing of poetry and stories in English. We break down barriers between student and teacher while establishing mutual respect, thus creating a safe space for learning which encourages students to think in new ways, investigating and sharing their dreams and experiences. Our process includes a specially designed format of themes, prompts, brainstorming, presentation skills and other bespoke techniques.

Workshops are run by fluent English speaking facilitators trained by Writing Through, with the in-class assistance of a local teacher with advanced knowledge of English who is generally a staff member of the participating school or NGO. This supports our goal of long-term sustainability through local teacher training. Our program can be adapted to students with a wide range of English facility.

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